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BBC News: Actress Lynda Bellingham dies aged 66
Monday 20th October 2014

Personal Financial Advice for Corringham from Money Morning with discount voucher!

Dear Reader,

Markets are sliding. How should you react?

On Thursday our editor, John Stepek, took a look at Wednesday’s “big, scary slide for markets”.

He admits that, “at times like these it’s easy to lose your head” since “one half of you is screaming ‘sell!’ and the other half is screaming ‘buying opportunity!’” The causes of the panic are easy to see, “America is about to stop printing money, and markets are worried that Europe won’t pick up the baton”. However, “when you boil it down, your potential actions are limited to four basic things. You can buy. You can sell. You can ‘go short’. Or you can step aside and do nothing”.

John “can see markets falling further from here”. However, “shorting is a tricky business. Good timing becomes much more important when you’re going short. Selling may not be a smart move either. Momentum traders base their strategy on holding shares only as long as they keep going up in price. However, for long-term investors “the fact that the price has gone down is neither here nor there”.

Instead you might even want to think about buying. “The nice thing about a market correction is that it gives you the opportunity to buy an asset that you want for a lower price”. Regular investors can do this by simply rebalancing their portfolios to make sure that their asset allocation doesn’t get out of line with their ideal model. Another trick is to keep a watchlist of “stocks and assets that you’re tempted by, but have just been too expensive”.

However, “all of these actions hinge on one thing – having a plan in place”. So, “if you don’t already have a plan, don’t pile in (or out) on a whim”. In fact you should “take some time to consider your ideal asset allocation and to set up a list of assets you want to buy”. You might also want to look at MoneyWeek’s model investment trust portfolio. To get access to the portfolio – and get your first four issues free – sign up for a trial here.

Is a crash on the horizon?

Markets across the board are bleeding red. Dominic Frisby looks at which way you should go.

 • Is a crash on the horizon?

Is the housing bubble about to burst?

Despite house prices having shot up, many still claim that housing is affordable. Bengt Saelensminde looks at whether this is really the case.

 • Is the housing bubble about to burst?


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How to fix Japan

Japan suffers from overinvestment and high levels of debt. However, Merryn Somerset Webb has a solution.

 • How to fix Japan

Forget Russia, invest in Turkey

Many people think that Russia offers great value at the moment. However, David Thornton is sticking with Turkey.

 • Forget Russia, invest in Turkey

Greece’s recent fall is a buying opportunity

Since the spring, the Greek stock market has fallen by a third. Matthew Partridge thinks this is a great opportunity for bold investors.

 • Greece’s recent fall is a buying opportunity

Finally, with all the market turbulence going on, you might want to hear what Tim Price has to say. He’s produced a video on why the UK may be facing a coming collapse.

That’s all for this week,

Have a great weekend,

Matthew Partridge
Senior writer, MoneyWeek

John Stepek
David Stevenson
Matthew Partridge
Ed Bowsher
Merryn Somerset Webb

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