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BBC News: Missing Ashya King found in Spain
Sunday 31st August 2014
Click above for live BBC news.

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A painful love affair with gold’s “erratic little sister”

Silver has so much potential – but it has also disappointed more of its followers than perhaps any other commodity, said Dominic Frisby in Money Morning this week.

The fact is, Dominic can’t decide whether he’s a silver bull or not. “If I could fast forward three years into the future, and I saw that silver was $200 an ounce, it wouldn't surprise me. But then if it was $5 an ounce, that wouldn't surprise me either.”

So he put together a list of reasons to buy, and a list of reasons to be bearish. The ‘buys’ – including rising demand and falling supply – outweigh the ‘sells’.

And for all his reticence, Dominic is still hanging on to his silver. You can make up your own mind here.

(By the way, if you’re interested in silver and want to hear from someone who has uncovered a lot more reasons to buy it, keep an eye out for the report we’ll be sending you later.)

Amazon’s latest $1bn purchase is a good reason to buy

Amazon just splashed a load of cash on a website that allows video gamers to watch each other play games. Sounds crazy? My colleague – and Amazon shareholder - Ed Bowsher explains why it’s actually a brilliant move.

 • Amazon’s latest $1bn purchase is a good reason to buy

When should you cut your losses?

Cutting your losses is one of the easiest things to get wrong. Bengt Saelensminde offers some simple tips.

 • When should you cut your losses?


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This gold pattern has an urgent message...

Have you got any gold in your portfolio? If you have, congratulations - one gold expert thinks you're in line for a highly profitable 2014.

His optimism is based on one unbroken pattern he's uncovered in the gold market - and he's got over 50% of his capital in one niche investment that he thinks is set to dwarf the metal's potential climb...

Click here to find out what he's banking on

Metals and Miners is a regulated product issued by Fleet Street Publications Ltd. Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares, never risk more than you can afford to lose. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results. Please seek independent financial advice if necessary. Fleet Street Publications Ltd. 0207 633 3600.


Pension tax relief is likely to be capped – here’s how to do it

Pension tax relief is popular, but it costs a huge amount of money. Editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb has her own proposal.

 • Pension tax relief is likely to be capped – here’s how to do it

Mexico’s energy sector is now open for business

Mexico’s president is experiencing sinking approval ratings. However, James McKeigue thinks that his energy policy reforms are great news for investors.

 • Mexico’s energy sector is now open for business

Don’t follow experts blindly

Experts can sometimes provide important advice. But when it comes to investment, don’t always believe what they say without doing your homework first, says David Thornton.

 • Don’t follow experts blindly

Also – don’t miss David’s new report on the future of banking. Something quite revolutionary is happening in the sector that goes way beyond the changes we’ve already seen, and threatens to make traditional banking go the way of the dinosaur. Read it here.

That’s all from me for now - have a great weekend!

Many thanks,

Matthew Partridge
Senior writer, MoneyWeek

John Stepek
David Stevenson
Matthew Partridge
Ed Bowsher
Merryn Somerset Webb

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